Stadio Olimpico for EURO 2020


Named after the 1960s Olympics, Stadio Olimpico will be used as one of the stadium for EURO 2020 having Italy hosting first on Group A against its neighbor country Turkey.

Stadio Olimpico has its fascism sense of style as its theme in addition to its pillar of Mussolini’s name. A well-maintained environment accommodating 70, 000 seats with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics definitely adds flavor to every chanting fans bringing up more of their noise towards the main event.

Mainly used for football games, the stadium had hosted numerous famous matches and big competitions since it was built, notable competitions such as the 1990 FIFA World Cup, 2001 Summer Deaflympics, 2009 UEFA Champions League Final, and of course this year UEFA EURO 2020. Concerts as well had been staged at the Stadio Olimpico wherein its last event was back in 2018 with Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On the Run II Tour.

Football matches have their seats divided into sections. The Curve; where usually the ultimate fans select from this angled area in support of their team. The Distinti is where to be for more at peace.  The Tribune, are seats that are high-end and best to choose for families together watching.

 The Curve areas are for superfans and are crowded and intense with steep seating, so visit at your own risk if you can even get tickets, which are snatched up by season ticket holders. Meanwhile, the Distinti sections are a bit more civil while the Tribune sections are high-end best for families together watching.

Both Roma and Lazio set the stadium as their home pitch when the two clubs go head-to-head at the Stadio Olimpico its called The Rome Derby serving as one of the special events in the history of the stadium where every energy of the supporting fans are at peak where being part of the crowd is worth something to try.

This coming June 12, 2020, Italy and Turkey challenge one another at the Stadio Olimpico to be followed by the two upcoming games Italy would be having against Switzerland and Wales.