EURO 2016 recap for EURO 2020 Group A teams


EURO 2020 group stage Group A

Have a look upon the EURO 2020 group stage before its kickoff starts on June 12, 2020, at the Stadio Olimpico on Rome and Baku Olympic Stadium with Group A containing Italy as group A’s host, Turkey, Wales, and Switzerland. With 24 teams participating in total, let’s have a recap from the year 2016 of Group A.

Turkey was automatically qualified to place them as one of Group D teams of Euro 2016 by being the highest ranking among all the third-placed teams from the qualifying rounds. Getting themselves as one of Group D was a hard roller-coaster ride of battle they fought playing against two former champions Spain and the Czech Republic first. Croatia had the best stance over the three teams from Group D overall, while Turkey ended up as the third-placed team getting one win over the Czech Republic and lost two games from Spain and Croatia had them unable to proceed to the knockout phase.

Italy had a nice run back in 2016, They were the top team in Group H from the qualifying rounds being undefeated with 7 wins and 3 draws, proceeding into Group E from the group stage phase also kept its glorious run until getting the last stop at the quarterfinals round losing the penalties against Germany. The defense was pure hard as a rock only having 2 conceded goals in total made them getting them the lowest among the rest of the teams competed, while 18 yellow cards accumulated got them the highest that needs to be lessened for their upcoming matches to improve their route for the Euro 2020.

Wales had the most farthest run among the four consisting teams of Group A landed at the semifinals round thus meeting their last resort against the crowned champions Portugal with a 2-0 match result. Gareth Bale was the ultimate superstar for this national team, having the most number of attempted shots from the whole competition contributed well enough for Wales to see the results.

Switzerland had its hopes cut off from their round of 16 matches against Poland, seeing the last penalty kick scored by their opponents got their bags packed. Their run from that year 2016 surpassed its team limits from its history of playing through the competition since 1964, displaying consistent progress positively every time they join the championship.

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