Sergio Ramos included in Basque separatists campaign against Euro 2020 in Bilbao

Spain national team star Sergio Ramos has been targeted by anti-Spain protesters ahead of Euro 2020 in a campaign sketch that features the Real Madrid captain. The campaign consists of multiple mock-ups of Eric Cantona’s infamous “kung-fu” kick on a fan during a game against Crystal Palace in 1995, with Ramos’ face receiving the Frenchman’s boot.

Under the image released by the movement ‘Abertzale left’ is an imprinted slogan that reads: “¡Eurocopa honi ez! Euskal Herriarekin ez da jokatzen” that when translated “No to the European Championship! You don’t play with the Basque Country”.

This image symbolizes a strong opposition to the tournament and the Spanish national team’s 2020 European Championship games at Athletic Bilbao’s San Mamés stadium by separatist forces in the said nation. There have been unrests all over Spain over the independence of Catalonia and Basque Country.

This was condemned by the General Secretary of the People’s Party of the Basque Country, Amaya Fernandez claiming that the campaign was the of “those who are against the development of the Basque Country and aimed against events that beyond doubt place our region on the international stage.”

Meanwhile, Sergio Ramos has not released a statement regarding this concern. La Roja will play at least three Euro 2020 matches at Athletic Bilbao’s San Memes Stadium in the coming summer.  This would be the first time in 52 years that the Spanish national team will play at San Memes since the European Championship qualifier against Turkey in 1967.

Spain had sealed their spot for the Euro competition and finished as Group F champions in the qualifier rounds of Euro 2020. They had played a total of 10 games and had won eight of these. Their matches in Bilbao are set on June 15, 20 and 24.