What will happen to your EURO 2020 tickets?

Last March, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has postponed the European Championships or the Euro 2020 will resume after a year due to the threat of global pandemic, COVID, which is currently crippling European countries. The most glorious European Championships will now take place from June 11 to July 11 in 2021.

However, the venues for the said competition to be staged next year will remain the same. Meanwhile, ticket refund was already announced, with UEFA saying that they “will proactively contact all ticket holders in due course.” They are also reassuring existing ticket buyers that if they cannot attend in 2021, they will get a full refund on their tickets.

In February, UEFA revealed ticket sales in Scotland’s Hampden Park, where four games will be hosted by the said venue, were one of the highest of all the venues. Over 40% of ticket sales for the three group games were from Scottish addresses and that rose to 60% for the last 16 game at the National Stadium. With the number of refund request, officials already contacted the fans and offered them a full refund.

In a statement shortly after the announcement of the postponed tournament, UEFA read: “UEFA would like to reassure existing ticket buyers and hospitality clients that if they cannot attend the tournament in 2021, the face value of their tickets and packages will be refunded in full.” Meanwhile, fans who want to availtickets for the rescheduled tournament can still purchase with resale window opened last month.

The governing body created an online portal where refunds can be processed and claimed. In an email to fans, UEFA said: “Our intention is, that where possible, your UEFA EURO 2020 tickets will remain valid for the postponed tournament. Once the match schedule for 2021 has been published, we will be able to provide you with further details regarding the validity of your tickets.”

Previously, UEFA have allocated fixtures in 12 cities across Europe in celebration of tournament’s 60th birthday. Held every four years, Euros is considered the most popular football tournament next to the World Cup in terms of international prestige. The venues for the said competition to be staged next year confirmed to be the same.

Aside from the Euro, another virus-hit sporting event is the Olympics, with ticket sales and refunds are a major issue. Prior to the postponement, 4.5 million tickets have been sold in Japan, with around 7.8 million expected to be sold overall. According reports, tickets might not be refundable that was later ruled outby the organizers saying the terms “do not state that ‘tickets cannot be refunded’”.