UEFA chief reveals “backup options” for Euro 2020 venues, depends fate on coronavirus vaccine efforts

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) chief has recently revealed the governing body’s “backup options” in case any of the 12 host cities for its rescheduled 24-nation showpiece, are unable to play matches due to coronavirus concerns. The most glorious European competition is scheduled to begin on June 11, with the final round to be held at Wembley Stadium.

The matches of the Euro 2020 were initially scheduled to be held at stadiums in 12 different cities across Europe, namely in London (England), Munich (Germany), Rome (Italy), Baku (Azerbaijan), St. Petersburg (Russia), Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Dublin (Ireland), Bilbao (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Glasgow (Scotland) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin is hoping vaccination programmes, moving at different pace across the various host countries, will be determine the fate of the tournament.“Vaccination has started and I think we will be able to have full stands in the summer,” Ceferin said in a recent interview with Serbian newspaper Informer.” “For now, the plan is to play in all 12 countries,” he added.

Ceferin also revealed that there will be “backup options” in case a host country faced a problem. “We are ready to organisecompetitions in 11, 10 or nine cities… and even only in one country, if necessary. However, I am 99.9 per cent sure that we will have the European Championship in all 12 cities, as planned,” he said. Ceferin has earlier insisted that he’s desperate for full houses at next summer’s Finals.

UEFA has earlier said it is planning for different scenarios in all of Euro 2020’s host cities. In statement the football body said: “UEFA together with the 12 host cities is currently working on four operational scenarios for UEFA EURO 2020 (full stadium; 50-100% capacity with various mitigation measures; 20-30% capacity with various mitigation measures; and behind closed doors).”

The host cities have been asked to come up with two to three plans out of those options and it is possible different approaches will be taken in each venue. “A decision on which scenario will be applied individually in each city during the tournament will be made on 5 March, 2021,” UEFA said in a statement. Therescheduled Euro 2020 will take place from June 11 to July 11 in 2021.

The 2020 edition, brainchild of former UEFA president Michel Platini, was planned to be the first staged across the continent. In 2014, UEFA have allocated fixtures in 13 cities across Europe. However, Brussels later withdrawn their staging participation when a stadium construction lacked support from localauthorities. The four games in Brussels were allocated to Wembley Stadium in London.