UEFA apologizes to fans on its ticket cancellations


An apology has been made by the UEFA organization with their error over its UEFA EURO 2020 tickets that left out hundreds of fans after securing their payments in which tickets weren’t supposed to be on sale yet.

Fans that attained the opportunity from the second portion receiving their email with a “first come, first served” basis after missing the first lottery phase, were disappointed once more with the situation arise, wherein several fans booked already their accommodations for the games they’ll be attending after obtaining their tickets.

“Tickets became available due to the failure of supporters to pay on time for tickets they had previously ordered. These tickets were subsequently sold,” said a statement.

“However, due to a technical error, for a short period of time a small number of tickets which were not for sale were made available for purchase.”

“Fans who purchased those tickets received a cancellation email and no charge was made to their credit cards,” added by UEFA, which says ‘a couple of hundred’ fans in England were affected.

Several fans shared their insights:

Fan naming James Lofthouse from Torquay bought four tickets for England’s game against the Czech Republic scheduled on June 23, and two tickets for the match against one of the play-off winners on the 19th of June stated he spent an hour and a half on the online queue on the UEFA site before spending a total of £700 for the six tickets.

“I then got together with my friends to book hotels for London,” he told BBC Sport.

“I went for a non-refundable deal because I didn’t think there was any reason the tickets would be cancelled. That was £200 that left my account that I won’t get back.”

“There was no apology in the email and that is very, very poor.”

Another fan naming Dan Laker, based in Larbert near Falkirk, had already spent £178 on flights and accommodation when he received the cancellation email.

“UEFA will hide behind T&Cs and won’t take any accountability,” Dan said.

“I’m a working class season ticket holder at Spurs and travel to and from Scotland for every home game and all around Europe.

“The fans get treated like s**t these days. It’s sad really. I’m starting to hate the greed in modern football.”

One fan asked to remain anonymous, told that he spent more than £350 for two hotel rooms and also £428 on tickets before sharing the good news to his father – only to get disappointed a few hours later.

“I was hoping this [cancellation] was some kind of mistake,” he said.

was some kind of mistake,” he said.

“My dad has been waiting 63 years to go see England at a large tournament. I surprised him last night, shown him the invoice and confirmation of tickets and he started to well up!

“Now I’m working out how to go and tell him today that UEFA have cancelled them through no fault of our own. This will break his heart.”

The UEFA organization urges all fans affected with the cancellation of tickets to contact their customer services department with details regarding the said experience.