Russia’s Euro 2028 bid barred as part of UEFA sanctions

Russia’s  bid to host the men’s European Championships in both 2028 and 2032 has been barred as part of a number of new sanctions announced by UEFA. Earlier, Russia confirmed its bid for Euro 2028 hosting, alongside Turkey and Italy, despite the international football ban following the invasion of Ukraine. See Euro football and Euro league final updates and latest news here! 

In a statement, UEFA said, citing an article in bid regulations, that bidders “shall ensure they do not act in a manner that could bring UEFA, the UEFA final or UEFA final phase, any other bidder, the bidding procedure, or European football into disrepute.” This move means Euro 2028 hosting will be contested by  Britain and Ireland’s joint bid and Turkey, who are also vying  with Italy for Euro 2032. 

“Therefore, given the uncertainty as to when the suspension will be lifted, the acceptance of a bid from the FUR would also go against the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee of 28 February 2022, suspending all Russian representative teams and clubs from participating in UEFA competition matches until further notice,” the statement added. 

Additionally, the governing body have decided to bar the participation of Russia from the Women’s European Championship in July and the qualifiers for next year’s World Cup. They will be replaced by Portugal. Russia will also be barred from next season’s Nations League, while the Russian clubs will remain banned from next season’s Champions League Europa League and Europa Conference League.

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