Raheem Sterling believes England winning at EURO 2020 is a major step forward battling against racism


There’s no doubt that England is one of the favorites towards the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament wherein having their fixtures would be played upon their home soil.

One of Gareth Southgate’s men that play in the pitch stands not only with his incredible skills in helping the team but also serves as an important figure in the midst of the battle against racism, Raheem Sterling.

The 25-year-old winger is optimistic in regards to England claim its victory at the EURO 2020 would resemble a high impact for the whole community in moving forward about individuals coming from different backgrounds.

Sterling said, “It would be an important milestone. In our country, there are still a lot of people who are a little closed in on themselves,” Sterling said.

“I think that such success could push them to open up.”

“But, in any case, an English victory for the Euros, whatever the composition of the team, would have a positive impact on the whole country and in all areas.”

“I sincerely think that England is a country ready to evolve on these questions. But it will take time for things to change as candidates from minorities must also emerge.”

“We will continue to push in this direction.”

Since at Liverpool academy wherein Sterling first encountered such racist insults, as a result, he has been very active being a role model for black players for their human rights.

Raheem Sterling also mentioned not being in favor of any kind of quotas bringing in black players into the management in order to increase the numbers.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because by imposing such a system, we would force things.” Sterling said.

“And when the clubs studied the CVs of the three or four coaches who would benefit from this positive discrimination each year, they would say to themselves: ‘These guys have been privileged’”.