Nike’s EURO 2020 kits launch postpone due the global pandemic

Both the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Euro 2020 have been postponed until the summer of 2021, and sport’s major brands are set to miss out on millions this year. Major sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma have made a long way in signing the best sports teams and stars, but all of sudden sport has come to a halt. What’s next to this remain uncertain, as the global health crisis have not contained yet.

The rescheduled EURO 2020, now set in 2021, saw a lot of changes following its official announcement last month. This includes the schedule of official kits reveal by the sportswear giant, Nike. Euro 2020 national team kits for England, France and three other European countries were originally set to launch last month, but due to the COVID-19, it was also delayed with until further notice.

Nike unveil their and the Football Association were set to new kit few weeks after the postponement of the tournament. However, Sportswear firms have suffered delays in the supply of kit from manufacturing clusters in China. Also, sales, planning and manufacturing caused the delay that made the brand postpone their official kit reveal.

Nike had also scheduled kit reveals for Croatia, Portugal and the Netherlands, as well as Brazil. One national team kit supplierclaims that Nike could have done an advance manufacturing and distribution process prior to the postponement of the tournament, given the need to ship its products from factories in Asian markets, like China and Pakistan.

“In most cases, goods will already be ready for shipping, to allow them the time to take consignment and begin distribution. I would imagine that Nike, given the number of countries they have, and the high level of retail numbers involved, will already have the shirts in their European distribution centre in Belgium,”a source told sports news outlet.

With a lot of sportswear stores and outlets being closed and consumers in several countries not allowed to hop outside, it will eventually lead to to various national teams and clubs postponing their launches as the sales will be affected. Previously, Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain told that its presentation of next season’s Nike kit, due to take place between May and July, has been suspended.

Meanwhile, another source claims that some national team contracts among the teams to have qualified for Euro 2020 are due to terminate their contracts to their respective brands, which mean there will be companies sitting on stock for national teams they may not have under contract beyond July 2020, the source said.

Previously, Europe’s top domestic soccer leagues were halted indefinitely as Europe was declared to be the new epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. It includes the English Premier League where Nike just signed the crown-waiting team Liverpool. Should the season need to be finished in September or October, the contract remains on hold until the team is back on the pitch.