Italy crowned as the first eEURO champions

The UEFA eEURO 2020, commenced its qualifying draw inJanuary, is the first national team eFootball tournament powered by Konami and in partnership with UEFA. Following the success of the group stage and the finals slated earlier than planned, Italy were crowned the champions of UEFA eEURO2020, beating Serbia in the final to clinch the inaugural eEuropean Championship.

This tournament was played by professional Esports gamers, between two and four gamers, that represent their national team through the nomination of each participating National Association. The 55 UEFA member associations involved in the UEFA eEURO 2020 qualifiers went to 16 down to eight over the weekend. The second day of the event saw the tournament reach the quarterfinal stage.

Serbia, Italy and France advanced to the “Final Four.” The knockout games were ‘a best of three’, with the final ‘a best of five’, so the scorelines below reflect the series score and not an individual game. The semifinals were against settled in best-of-three format with the first game between Romania, who beaten the Netherlands, and Serbia, who took on Spain. 

Italy thrashed Israel in a 2-0 win, while France completed the list of the semis with a 2-0 win against Croatia. Romania took on Serbia in the semis, and the away team won the slot to the final in a dramatic 1-2 match. It took three games and a penalty shootout to declare a winner in an intense Italy and France semis matchup, wherein the hosts Italy emerged to battle against Sebia. 

Represented by a team of four gamers – AlonsoGrayfox, Naples17x, Nicaldan and Genoa_Npk02 – Italy were consistently impressive in the virtual final tournament. Italy have been beaten only once in the qualifying before thrashingIsrael in the quarter-finals and France in the last four to seal their matchup with Serbia.

Meanwhile, Serbia won against Spain and Romania to meet Italy in the finals. However, Serbia was crippled by Italy in the finals and let them concede only once as a consolation. The decisive goal came in the 90th minute of the final match from gamer Lorenzo Insigne. Italy bagged $40,000 out of a pool of $100,000, while the remaining amount from the prize pool will be split between the quarter-finalists. 

“It was a great emotion,” said Italy player AlonsoGrayfox after the final. “It was incredible to have come to this point, and now we have won it. I cannot express my feelings in words. The decisive game for us was the one against France in the semi-finals. That victory gave us self-confidence. I’m proud to be Italian, and I’m proud to be Sardinian. It’s incredible, I still cannot believe we did it – it’s a dream.”

The UEFA eEURO 2020 was played exclusively on Konami’s efootball PES 2020 on Playstation 4. Previously, Konami has confirmed that the Euro 2020 update will be available on June 4for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In that update pack, all 55 UEFA national teams will be featured in the DLC, with their latest kits and squads.