Italy boss confident of Zaniolo’s recovery before the Euro 2020 next year

Italy manager Roberto Mancini told a news portal that Italy aim “to win” the postponed Euro 2020 next year. He is also confident that Roma forward Nicolò Zaniolo can ‘recover in time’. The Azzurri beat Holland 1-0 in their last match and have climbed to 12th in the FIFA ranking after their Nations League matches. However, their talismanZaniolo suffered a second ACL injury in eight months.

“We go to win, Italy must always start to win, even when we don’t seem to be among the favourites,” Mancini told TgPoste. “With our history, we aim for the maximum result,” Mancini said. However, Italy aren’t the only team who have an extra 12 months to improve and recover their talenst, as the same is true for France, England, Holland, Germany and Spain.

“I spoke to him [Zaniolo] a few days ago, we hope to see him again as soon as possible,” Mancini added. “He’s a young lad, he has time to recover and join us for the European Championship.” Meanwhile, Zaniolo has already started ‘counting down’ to his return from injury and stressed he has “never thought about quitting”, despite the injury.

Last week, Roma announced that the surgery to repair the ruptured ACL in Zaniolo’s left knee was successful. Zaniolo will remain at the Austrian hospital for the next three to four days following the operation. Roma chief medic Federico Manara also ruled out rumours that Zaniolo will be out of action for nine months, saying that there will be “no pressure’ to rush his recovery”.

Nicolò is doing well, the surgery was completed successfully and the initial response [to the surgery] has been good,” Roma Head of Medicine Dr Manara told the club website. “Right now he is back on his feet and is walking with the aid of crutches. If the healing progresses in line with what we are seeing, the player will return to Italy Friday and will then start his recovery programme at Trigoria.

Speaking about his injury, Zaniolo told Il Corriere dello Sport: “At first, I didn’t have time to think. But later, I said to myself: ‘Noooo, again. I already know everything, it will be hard, but I like to think it will be an experience that shapes me. I’m already counting down.The 21-year-old stressed out his commitment to fight his way back to the pitch.