Italian Players’ Association President Damiano Tommasi sends caution moving EURO 2020


The President of the Italian Assocalciatori Damiano Tommasi says to ANSA, “UEFA has to consider moving the European football championship, giving time to the championships: the Coronavirus problem is not only Italian. In Serie A it was established that games should be held behind closed doors: among the players, some agree to go ahead and those who are worried. Now we will take all precautions, but the players on the field also risk: and in the event of a contagion, the quarantine rules also apply to professionals. “

The whole Serie A season had its games postponed within a week, and still not clear as well whether the Coppa Italia semi-finals can be completed.

Clubs have their precautions as well respectively testing their players and staff regularly following guidelines that prevent the spread of the virus. A simple handshake before and after the matches and drinking from the same bottle they’ve used isn’t allowed. Also, media disinfecting the microphones between interviews applies to safety measures.

With less than 100 days left before the start of the UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament, the coronavirus sends threat to all over the world with its near 100,000 of cases people infected as the World Health Organization have warned that this, not a drill and not give in to panic as scenarios like these had been prepared for decades, all it takes is the actions needed by the government and the society itself to push back the epidemic.