Former Scotland boss urges UEFA to delay Euro 2020 finals until December

Former Scotland boss Berti Vogts reportedly appeals to UEFA and urges them to delay this summer’s Euro 2020 Finals, which will be co-hosted by Scotland, until December insisting it would be “total madness” to play it this summer. The rescheduled European Championships is slated on to July 11, 2021 and originally planned to be staffed in 12 cities across the continent.

“As a former national coach, I’m now appealing to UEFA: postpone the European Championships,” Vogts told German news portal. “React now. Otherwise it will be too late. I am annoyed we are even considering holding this in the summer. For almost a year we have been talking almost exclusively about the pandemic.” He also claims that 12 different venues is “total madness.”

“How many people died yesterday? Are there enough hospital beds for the people in intensive care? Every single day we ask ourselves these questions, Vogts  added. “And that’s precisely why I can only shake my head when I think about the coming summer. Because thinking that we can still hold the European Championships…in 12 different European venues is total madness.

The 74-year-old Vogts, who won the Euros as both a player and a coach and has also managed the national teams of Nigeria, Kuwait and Azerbaijan, wants the finals to start “in mid-December”. “Hopefully, by then, enough people will have been vaccinated to allow more fans into the stadiums again,” Vogtssaid. He also suggests to scrap the 12-nation venues.

“Play it in one country – preferably in a nation that has the Covid situation well under control,” he added. “It’s better we play the Euros later in a country with a good situation and healthy people than a tournament in a few months played across the entire continent, which might result in sick and dead people.” This week, a UEFA spokesperson told press that there are no plans to again delay the Euros.

Meanwhile, the European football governing body chief hasearlier insisted that he’s desperate for full houses at next summer’s Finals. Ceferin also revealed that there will be “backup options” in case a host country faced a problem. The host cities have been asked to come up with two to three plans out of those options and it is possible different approaches will be taken in each venue.

The matches of the Euro 2020 were initially scheduled to be held at stadiums in 12 different cities across Europe, namely in London (England), Munich (Germany), Rome (Italy), Baku (Azerbaijan), St. Petersburg (Russia), Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Dublin (Ireland), Bilbao (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Glasgow (Scotland) and Copenhagen (Denmark).