Every European Championship finals (part 1)

The European Championships is one of the, if not the most celebrated and the most glorious football events in Europe. It produces some of the most iconic images and greatest football players of all time. From the time it was inaugurated, the action already begun and the rest is history. Here are every final in the European Championship:

EURO 1960: Soviet Union v Yugoslavia

The first ever European Championship, formerly known as the European Nations’ Cup, were held in 1960, though the format was very different to today. The Soviet Union won the inaugural title, beating Yugoslavia 2-1 in extra-time thanks to a 113th-minute goal from Victor Ponedelnik at the Parc des Prince. Final score: Soviet Union 2-1 Yugoslavia

EURO 1964: Spain v Soviet Union

From 17 teams who entered the inaugural yeat, with the likes of England, West Germany and Italy all missing, the tournament had grown to 29 countries. Soviet Union once again made it to the finals against Spain. Spain clinched the victory on home soil, and prevents the USSR winning back-to-back titles. Final score: Spain 2-1 Soviet Union

EURO 1968: Italy v Yugoslavia

Aside from officially calling the tournament “European Championship”, formerly “European Nations’ Cup”, the fairest way to declare a semifinals winner through a toss coin happened for the first and only time in history of Euro. Two days later, Luigi Riva and Pietro Anastasi scored in a 2-0 win for the Azzurri. Final score: Italy 2-0 Yugoslavia (R).

EURO 1972: West Germany v Soviet Union 

Another significant format made happened in the 1972 edition of the Euro, with 32 teams qualified and eight groups each sending a winner into the quarter-finals to determine the final four. The Soviet Union made it to another thrilling final, but the Germans emerged in the finals and thrashed the USSR to claim their maiden title. Final score: West Germany 3-0 Soviet Union. 

EURO 1976: Czechoslovakia West Germany

Only four countries were qualified in the finals, with the tournament consisting of the semi-finals, a third place play-off, and the final. This was also the last tournament in which the hosts had to qualify for the final stage. It was also the only time that matches were decided after extra time, either on penalties or by goals scored. Final score: Czechoslovakia 2-2 West Germany (Czechs won 5-3 on penalties).

EURO 1980: West Germany v Belgium

In 1980 edition held in Italy, the expansion to eight-nation team tournament was introduced. It was the first edition of Euro with group stage, the last that features a third-place play-off. It was the first time that a group stage was introduced in the tournament, with the winners of each groups heading straight to the final round. Final score: West Germany 2-1 Belgium.

EURO 1984: France v Spain

France were chosen as hosts in the 1984 edition of the tournament. They won all three of their group games, qualifying with Denmark at the expense of Belgium and Yugoslavia. Their victory extended until the final when they beat Spain. It was the first European Championship final to feature two countries which still exist. Final score: France 2-0 Spain.